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Prostate Cancer Testimonials

Robert G.

A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  During the course of monitoring the severity of the cancer it became time to select a more aggressive treatment.  In my case, I chose surgery.  Of course in cases like this you want only the best.  So I began the process of interviewing everyone in the medical field I knew, starting with my family doctor.  Two names became apparent  as the two top surgeons in this area of robotic surgery.  Dr. R. James Yu’s name was at the top of that list.  I feel very fortunate to have been referred to him.  Dr. Yu is the Director of Robotic Surgery and Urologic Oncology.  his peers refer to him as “a truly world class surgeon” when it comes to robotic surgery.  I would whole heartedly recommend Dr. Yu for anyone who is faced with this difficult decision.  As for me, so far I am cancer free!

John H.

I became aware of my prostate cancer condition in the early part of 2015. A few months later, during a discussion with my local urologist about various forms of prostate cancer treatment, I realized that removing the cancer made the most sense — at least on an intuitive level. During my initial visit with Dr. Yu, the surgeon who performed my Radical Robotic Prostatectomy (surgery), I was surprised when he encouraged me to consider forms of prostate cancer treatment other than surgery. After reading the comprehensive information in the “Patient Binder” provided by Dr. Yu, I was more certain than ever that having the surgery was the best choice for me (i.e. age 72, well differentiated adenocarcinoma in four of my six prostate zones).

I remember being wheeled into the surgery center, but given the level of anesthesia involved, I have no recollection of the actual surgery. What I do know is that from the very first time I met Dr. Yu, he exuded competence. When he spoke, I wanted to listen.

After the surgery and a brief hospital stay, I returned to my northern California home. Occasionally, when I had questions about self-care, “Patient Navigator” Julie Illi, RN, MS, OCN was only an email away. Julie’s support during the early stage of my recovery is a gift I will long remember.

Now, almost a year has passed since my surgery. All of the PSA testing to date shows less than 0.01. My energy level is the best it has been in decades. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel.

Michael D.

When was the last time your physician called your home to check on how you are doing? Well that was my experience with Dr. R. James Yu. He phoned me at home a day after being released from Marin General Hospital. Dr. Yu performed a robotic, non nerve sparing radical prostatectomy on me and was following up – personally no less. I was blown away! Dr. Yu is an excellent surgeon w/an excellent staff and bedside manner to boot!

John O.

Everything was done well. I had 5 surgeries in 4 months. I was an “out-of-the-ordinary” patient with my recovery. Dr. Yu was great and I would continue to go to him at any time.

Robert B.

Dr. Yu and his staff did an outstanding job for me with my recent prostate surgery. I will highly recommend him to anyone I know who may need your services. I appreciate the personal service and your skills in your work. I felt comfortable and confident throughout my procedure. Thanks again for your concern and personal care.

Dennis C.

After receiving my diagnosis of prostate cancer, I researched what to do, the various treatment options and who are the best and most trusted surgeons. Dr Yu’s name kept showing up, mostly by word of mouth. My experience with Dr. Yu and his office was and is outstanding in all respects. I highly recommend him as a surgeon and fellow human being.

Paul B.

I had prostatectomy surgery at Marin General Hospital for adenocarcinoma on March 20 2014. My surgeon was Dr. James Yu. The surgery was laparoscopic using the “Da Vinci” method. I feel that Dr. Yu is extremely well qualified with the Da Vinci robotic system. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Yu if you are facing prostate problems! I had very little post op discomfort & my 30 day PSA was 0!

John F.

Dr. Yu’s rapid grasp of the complexities of my case was reassuring and his professional care in treating my condition was excellent. He used clear logic, a skillful use of drawings and precise speech to describe my condition and what he planned to do about it. He’s on top of the leading technology to treat urologic disorders and conveys his confidence in today’s technology in a convincing manner.

He brings a buoyant personality, a delightful sense of humor and a caring attitude to every meeting and into the operating room. It’s a marvelous set of attributes to have and he has them in spades.

Jim B.

The robotic surgery was just as advertised: small scars and quick recovery. I appreciate Dr. Yu’s willingness to help with the post-operative issues of incontinence and impotence. The former clears up eventually, quicker with the Kagel (?) exercises. The latter is life-changing but being cancer-free is worth the cost. At the office, I’ve always felt welcome, and nobody is in a hurry.

Jeff K.

It was great to have high quality care, locally in Marin County, and to have all my follow up care here!


My care by Dr. Yu was exceptional. I knew what to expect during and after surgery. Dr. Yu is dedicated to his patients and this is obvious as you meet and talk with Dr. Yu.


My experience when learning I had prostate cancer was positive, professional & caring. From Dr. Rudnick making the diagnosis after my prostate biopsy – to then going to Dr. Yu to discuss the options that I had and telling him that I wanted surgery – to going to Marin General for the surgery – every step of the way – every dr., nurse, people in admitting at MGH – everyone was outstanding. I felt lucky and blessed to have Dr. Yu as my surgeon. All of the staff in his office were caring and professional. If I ever have a friend who is facing a similar medical situation as I was – I would highly recommend the team at North Bay Urology. Thank you all for treating me like family!


I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 57, March 2013. My PSA score fluctuated from 2.7 to 3.4. I went in and had a biopsy performed. The result came back that I had cancer with a Gleason score of 3-4. I met with my urologist who explained to me the options available, such as active monitoring, radiation and surgery. I met with the Radiation Oncologist and also an Urologist/Surgeon named Dr Yu, who had just joined the medical group I was insured with.

I was very nervous and apprehensive about doing anything, but I did not want to actively monitor the situation, feeling it would only get worse, not better. Dr Yu took the time and was extremely patient in answering all my questions and explaining the surgery called the Da Vinci System, which uses a robotic interface and which Dr Yu is very knowledgeable and experienced with.

Being a happily married man and in reasonable good health for 57 years old, I was very concerned about the side effects of any treatment for my condition. I have heard about urinary incontinence and impotence as very possible side effects whether it is radiation or surgery that is used to treat prostate cancer. After meeting Dr Yu, I walked away feeling my best chance for recovery was to have the surgery via the Da Vinci System.

I had the surgery in October of 2013 and I can only say that I am 100 percent happy with my decision and the outcome. Dr Yu removed the prostate and some lymph nodes and I had my first PSA test 3 months after the surgery and no cancer was detected. I am also thrilled to say that I am not experiencing any urinary incontinence or impotence issues.

I will end this by saying I was and am truly blessed to have met Dr Yu and for him to have been able to perform the surgery. While no one wants to receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer, or any form of cancer, I truly feel that Dr Yu is an outstanding person and surgeon and I would recommend anyone in a similar position as mine to meet with Dr Yu because they will be in great hands going forward.


I am satisfied with the results of the operation. Dr. Yu and his staff were always friendly. Dr. Yu was very considerate and explained in understandable terms the operation proceedings. All previous and post operation visits in the office were pleasantly professional.


Dr. Yu performed my robot assisted radical prostatectomy in October 2013. Prior to the surgery he thoroughly explained the procedure and answered all my remaining questions. The surgery was in the morning, I was up walking that evening and was released from the hospital the following day. I am grateful for Dr. Yu’s skill and experience and would not hesitate to use his service again for any procedure appropriate for use with robotic assisted surgery.


This is a great team of staff, nurses, and doctors. I thank all of you for the first class care I received from diagnosis; information; options; treatment and recovery. I feel most fortunate to have this level of professional care and capabilities available.


My operation was more lengthy and complex than expected. However Dr. Yu and the team made the necessary adjustments. The operation and recovery were a complete success.