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Kidney Cancer Testimonials

Patricia D.

Following an emergency surgical procedure, I was informed that I had a cancerous growth on my right kidney and needed immediate surgery. I was given choices as to where to go, and I chose Marin General. My choice would be a robotic surgery. Frightened, I met Dr. Yu. He was friendly and very precise. I also met Julie Illi. So we all started this adventure together. Julie was my informative, consoling, warm, friendly guardian angel through this path to health. The staff at Marin General were all warm, caring, thoughtful and concerned. I was made to feel like I was the only patient in the hospital that needed to be focused on. Quite a feat considering the circumstances. Dr. Yu removed my fear with his positive, self-confident, quiet, warm, knowledgeable spirit. He completed a most successful, complicated, life-saving robotic surgery. I cannot find the words to describe this magnificently kind, concerned, brilliant doctor. He is a blessing to all that are in need of his talented skills.

The Marin General staff was above and beyond. From surgery prep, transport to surgery and transport from surgery, the supportive doctors in surgery were beyond my expectations. Thank you for not only caring for me, but for taking the time to focus on my husband as well, to make him as comfortable as possible. Thank you Dr. Yu for your gifted talent, for your wonderful staff, and my life. I am so appreciative of having met you and your wonderful staff. God bless all of you.

Rich B.

Dr. Yu removed a tumor from my kidneys a year ago.  I was lucky because the tumor proved to be benign, not cancerous.  I’ve also been fortunate because I’ve had no negative effects from the surgery.

Janice K.

My experience at Marin General was a breeze. Dr. Yu was so nice, explained the procedure & came to see me after recovery and the next day. It certainly solved my problem with the kidney repair he performed. Everyone at Marin General made my stay enjoyable. Thanks Dr. Yu.

Dennis O.

Dr. Yu is exactly what I want in a doctor. He is very straight forward, giving me the information I need to make decisions on my healthcare. Dr. Yu told me what he determined to be the best course of action to treat my cancer. I agreed, and he performed an complete nephrectomy. As promised I awoke still alive after surgery. Six months later I am still alive and cancer free. You cannot ask more than that. The fact that Dr. Yu seemed a genuine “good guy” was just icing on the cake!

John S.

“You’ve got CANCER.” Those were the three powerful words I heard from Dr. James Yu in May of this year. With barely time to recover from the news, he was already discussing “a plan of action. His encouraging, but noncommittal words were comforting and easy to follow, even at that moment. Over the next several weeks, Dr. Yu and his staff guided me through the barrage of paperwork, blood tests and scans. The robotic surgery was a success. There was never a deviation from their commitment and professionalism. I am happy to say my journey is complete and I am Cancer Free! Thank you Dr. Yu and staff!

Douglas M.

Dr. Yu and his staff were excellent to work with over the pre and post op period. Dr. Yu gave off an air of such confidence in the procedure and his ability, I was positive everything would work out and it did! Thanks to all at North Bay Urology for the work and healing.

Helga H.

Dr Yu is the best. He takes time to talk with you and explains what you will be going through. Therefore I went through my surgery with confidence and trust! Marin General Hospital is fortunate to have a good doctor like him!!! Thank you and God bless all of you.

Steven B.

I had a kidney removed by Dr. Yu on February 26th. The whole experience from the first office visit to checking out of the hospital was great. Setting up with Lisa before surgery was incredible. Checking into the hospital, pre op, post op, and care was outstanding. Dr. Yu did a fantastic job and had an excellent follow-up, as I had some complications after I got home. Thank you all for everything you did for me.

Herbert C.

Dr. Yu was caring and compassionate at a very frightening time in my life. He went out of his way to be sure I was comfortable and well informed. I like and respect him as a fellow human being and think he is the best doctor I have ever had.

Nick G.

My experience with your office was very pleasant, along with the hospital stay & my follow up care. Keep up the good work!


All of my visits and surgeries have been nothing short of excellent.  One of the best experiences with this office is the personal care, especially the phone calls for test follow-ups that always come from Dr. Yu himself & I can’t say enough how I appreciate that.  The office staff is just as wonderful.  Dr. Yu and his staff are the best!!  Thank you!


From my first appointment to follow-up care, I felt very comfortable and cared for. All explanations were very thorough and understandable and I was able to make an informed decision for myself. All the staff were kind and helpful. Many thanks for making a stressful medical situation so much easier.


At first I was shocked when given the diagnosis. I felt that it was said in such a blunt way that I thought, “I should get a second opinion.”  After getting to know Dr. Yu after the two biopsies I felt confidence in him as my surgeon. I’m very pleased with my outcome and glad Doctor Yu is involved in my care.


Dr. Yu & office staff were the best! Dr. Yu explained everything, so we could understand… very patient with all questions. Luckily things went as we had hoped. Marin General’s care was top notch. Many thanks to them also. My only concern with Dr. Yu was, at first meeting, the “Doogie Howser” effect!!!! He looks so young… but let’s not hold that against a wonderful Dr.!!!!


On our first meeting during my office visit, Dr. Yu had the unpleasant task of explaining to me that I had kidney cancer, which required immediate surgery, In plain layman’s terms, Dr. Yu explained the details of the operation, the requirements on my part, the possible side effects and follow-up exams. Dr. Yu performed the surgical operation at Marin General Hospital on a Thursday morning, he had me walk the hallways that evening and I was released from the hospital on Saturday. I experienced no side effects, no pain, required no pills and all incisions healed perfectly. Some three months later, I still can’t believe what type of miracle Dr. Yu performed, but it certainly worked for me.


We only have good things to say about Dr. Yu and his staff. Start to finish – This is a great doctor 4 practice. Dr. Yu is simply the best. He is knowledgeable, competent and personable. He really talks to you and thoroughly answers all questions about your diagnosis, approach to treatment and care. My surgery was wonderfully unremarkable and recovery was made easier by Dr. Yu’s availability and attention.