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General Urology Testimonials

Clifford C.

I thought getting healed for Comm’s Syndrome would only be a dream for me. I didn’t give up. I studied about my problem on and on. I prayed on and on. I got insurance. A lady from my insurance helped me. And God answered my prayers and dreams with the dream team. Now it is my honor and privilege that I truly cherish. And that is Dr. James Yu and his team. I fully trusted them and received the best care possible. Thank you so much. I had no doubts that everything would turn out great.

Jennifer F.

Dr. Yu performed a UPJ obstruction surgery on me in August 2013. He was what you hope to find in a surgeon – professional, knowledgeable and caring. Dr. Yu called me twice after the surgery to check-in, which I find rare of doctors. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Yu for giving me my health back.

Stephen J.

My life experience is now approaching seven decades, and I am honored to say that Dr. Yu is one of the best physicians I’ve encountered anywhere. His dedication, skill, and his enthusiastic approach to patient care are true touch stones and a solid reminder of what the practice of medicine is supposed to be.

Adam S.

Dr. Yu diagnosed and repaired my ureter issue very successfully. His staff were able to be flexible when arranging appointments around my busy schedule and I am forever grateful. My pain is gone and my anxieties forgotten, thanks to Dr. Yu’s expertise!

Michael H.

I felt complete confidence in his skills as a surgeon, and in his ability to bring with him a high caliber team. My surgery was in late May (3 months ago as of this August writing), and I continue to recover very well, on track with the path he mapped out before my surgery. (Back on the tennis court, stand up paddle board, and lots of travel.)

I am grateful to have been under his care, would not hesitate to recommend him strongly to others considering surgical treatment, and would be happy to talk with his patients to share my experiences.

Robert B.

I don’t think that I could be more pleased and satisfied with the level of personal touch and professional care provided by Dr. James Yu. His level of clarity, responsiveness and overall commitment is beyond that of any experience I have ever had with any doctor. I also give high marks to Dr. Neuwirth for recommending Dr. Yu to perform the specific robotic procedure vs. other choices to treat my situation. The office visits were well organized and scheduled. The surgery was a total success and follow-up extraordinary. The hospital experience was generally good, with the attention given by the night staff superior to the daytime staff.

I have had very few experiences with surgery so this one caused high anxiety for me about what to expect before, during and following the surgical procedure. Dr. Yu’s people skills are exceptional, as are his medical knowledge and skill. I have never encountered someone in such a professional capacity so committed to his client/patient. He is a treasure for Marin General and North Bay Urology. I would be delighted to serve as a personal reference.

Steven K.

My robotic surgery went smoothly with no complications. Dr. Yu, my surgeon, was very professional and compassionate. He explained to me the surgical procedure he was to perform before surgery and discussed the recovery process after surgery. I am completely satisfied with the surgery. The staff at Marin General was excellent. From check-in to check-out everything went well with no problems.

John C.

Dr. Yu was very attentive and professional. He explained all options clearly. He was careful and responsive to all of my questions. He had confidence and a very positive attitude. He was accessible and caring. He returned phone calls. His staff managed the paperwork and scheduling perfectly. They were friendly and organized. We highly recommend North Bay Urology.


I was referred to Dr. Yu by Dr. Levine when I was told I needed a cancer operation. Dr. Yu was very thorough in explaining the procedure I would go through & I knew beforehand what I would go through with the cancer operation. He visited with me twice a day while I was in the hospital, and was very concerned about my well being and post-surgical pain. My surgery was very complicated and he was very successful in removing all the cancerous tissue. I am very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Yu. Great doctor.


Due to Dr. Yu’s attention and expertise I am alive today and able to write this testimonial. The care and the follow-up have been astounding. Thank you Dr. Yu!