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Bladder Cancer Testimonials

Gilbert M.

Dr. Yu and his wonderful staff were exceptionally caring and professional.  Prior to, and after surgery, the doctor and his staff followed up with me to be sure I understood the entire procedure and was doing well.  I would highly recommend North Bay Urology on all accounts!

Carol M.

Thanks to Dr. Yu and “Buddy” (the robot) a very scary situation turned out to be a lot easier than I had been imagining. Dr Yu is an amazing doctor. I would recommend him to anyone. “If you have to do it, do it with Dr Yu!” After I got home, his follow-up phone calls were very comforting. Also a great staff. “Thanks Dr. Yu!

Don K.

From day one, North Bay Urology has had my back. My doctors have been with me every step of the way – from the time Dr. Patrick Bennett discovered the tumor in my bladder, up to the decision to remove it with the life saving da Vinci robotic surgery of Dr. James Yu. Both of them gave me their cell phone numbers and responded promptly when I called. During recovery in the months after surgery, no call went unanswered, no concern unaddressed. When I needed an office visit in between appointments, the Center staff found a way to get me in. On one occasion, after routinely examining swelling in my leg suspected of being a DVT (deep vein thrombosis), a staffer decided it was serious enough to get me to Marin General right away. She pleaded my case with the hospital staff and got them to move up my previously scheduled ultrasound. The DVT was found and treatment began.

Both doctors were trained in the nation’s top medical schools, and are whip smart, amazingly likeable guys with upbeat personalities. Each has a great sense of humor. Dr. Yu, ordering me to eat, said if I didn’t, he would come to the house and hand feed me. I think he was joking. But I had the sense that he cared about his patients so much that he would do whatever it took to get a good outcome.

Bette B.

I am very grateful for the care I received from Dr. Yu and all of the team at North Bay Urology. The team of doctors gave clear and straight forward information to me and my family to assist us in making hard decisions, and took all the time we needed in answering all of our many questions. My many family members who accompanied me, and asked many questions, were always treated with care and respect. All of the office staff were respectful and friendly and always responded quickly.

And Dr. Yu has my everlasting gratitude for my treatment, and his skill in robotic surgery, which was a success and has allowed me to quickly recover and return to normal living. Above all, I want to thank Dr. Yu for his caring kindness during decision making, surgery and recovery. During that frightening time it gave a lift to my spirit and courage, trusting that he cared about my well being, had my best interests at heart, and would give me the right advice and care.

Thank you Dr. Yu and thank you staff for your professionalism and caring spirits.

Robert W.

Having reached my seventh decade without any major illness I did not have any experience with the healthcare world to compare the care I am receiving. I have not seen a doctor in years and to find out that I have bladder cancer and needed major surgery was difficult to accept. However I feel very fortunate that I was taken on as a patient by Dr Yu. He has helped me make the right decisions as to how to proceed to get the best care possible to try and succeed in eliminating the cancer from my body. His calm professional demeanor has helped me cope with this fearful time in my life and make the right decisions going forward. I hold him in high regard.